Investing in Your Local Area vs Researched Areas

Researched Areas vs Your Local Area for Property Investment

When you're considering investing in real estate, it's natural to start looking close to home. After all, the familiarity of your local area can offer a certain level of comfort and convenience. However, limiting your property search to just your local surroundings might mean missing out on some remarkable opportunities. Today, we'll delve into why expanding your horizons and buying property in well-researched areas outside of your local zone can be a strategic move for your investment portfolio.

Real estate investment isn't just about finding a property; it's about discovering potential. By stepping beyond the borders of what you know, you open up avenues to diversity, greater economic growth, and potentially higher returns. This blog aims to explore eight compelling reasons to consider purchasing in areas that might not be on your radar but have been researched thoroughly for their investment promise. The goal here isn’t just to persuade you to look elsewhere but to equip you with the understanding of why doing so could be a lucrative decision.

  1. Diversification of Investment

Think about your current investment portfolio. If it's like most, it probably includes a mix of stocks, bonds, and perhaps a few mutual funds or ETFs. Why? Because diversification is a cornerstone of good investment strategy. It spreads risk and can lead to more stable returns over time. The same principle applies to real estate investing.

By diversifying the geographical spread of your property investments, you're not only protecting yourself against local market downturns but also positioning yourself to capitalise on the growth in other areas. For example, if the real estate market in your local area suffers due to an economic slump, having investments in other regions can offset this risk. This is because different areas react differently to economic changes. Some might be experiencing robust growth due to new infrastructure projects, an influx of businesses, or other favourable conditions, while others might not.

Moreover, investing in multiple locations can expose you to various market dynamics and tenant demands. What works in one area—say, luxury condos in a city centre—might not work in another, where there might be more demand for single-family homes. Understanding these differences and leveraging them can enhance your investment returns and provide a safety net against fluctuations in any single market. Diversification could also mean reducing your exposure to Land Tax, which can escalate if you have too much exposure to one state or territory in Australia.

  1. Higher Potential for Appreciation

Every investor dreams of buying a property that appreciates significantly over time, offering a hefty return on investment upon sale. While your local area may have steady growth, other regions might offer faster and higher potential for appreciation due to several factors.

When you research different areas, look for signs of upcoming growth. These might include plans for new public transport links, schools, hospitals, or commercial hubs. Such developments make an area more attractive to live in, which can drive up property prices. For instance, the announcement of a new university campus or a tech company setting up in a region can lead to an influx of employees and students, all needing housing, which drives up demand and property values.

Furthermore, certain areas might be undervalued today but poised for growth due to urban sprawl or rejuvenation initiatives. By getting in early, before the majority catches on, you can purchase at a lower price and watch the value of your investment climb as the area develops. It's like buying stock in a company right before it announces a ground-breaking new product—you're positioning yourself for future gains based on calculated predictions and thorough research.

  1. Access to Better Amenities

One of the major draws for homebuyers and renters alike is the quality and availability of local amenities. Well-researched areas often offer better amenities which can significantly influence property desirability and, consequently, prices. Amenities such as parks, schools, public transport, shopping centres, and recreational facilities not only add convenience but also quality of life for residents, making properties in such areas highly attractive.

For instance, families often prioritise good schools, and properties in school zones with high ratings can see increased demand and higher prices. Similarly, areas with well-maintained parks and recreational facilities attract fitness enthusiasts and those looking for a family-friendly environment. Moreover, easy access to public transport can be a massive plus for professionals commuting to work, making properties near train stations or bus routes particularly appealing.

Investing in an area known for excellent amenities can also lead to higher rental yields. Tenants are often willing to pay a premium for convenience and lifestyle benefits. Thus, as an investor, targeting areas where your property offers access to top-notch amenities can be a smart strategy. It not only ensures steady demand but can also command higher rents, increasing your income stream and the overall profitability of your investment.

  1. Economic Opportunities

Expanding your real estate investment to include well-researched areas can open doors to diverse economic opportunities that you may not find in your local area. This aspect is particularly crucial in regions experiencing rapid economic growth due to government investment, emerging industries, or significant commercial development.

For instance, consider a city or suburb experiencing a tech boom with companies setting up regional headquarters. These areas tend to attract a workforce that values convenience and quality living close to their workplace. Investing in such regions can yield substantial returns due to the increased demand for housing, driven by a growing population of well-paid professionals. Similarly, areas near major infrastructure projects like new highways, airports, or public transport networks often see an appreciation in property values as accessibility improves, driving more businesses and residents to the area.

Moreover, these economic hubs frequently offer various employment opportunities, which can be beneficial if you're considering rental properties. A diverse and robust job market can reduce the risk of tenant unemployment and ensure a steady income stream. It's a win-win situation: your tenants have secure employment, and you enjoy low vacancy rates and reliable rental income.

  1. Lower Competition

While your local area might be a battleground of investors and potential homebuyers, expanding your search to less familiar regions can lead to less competition and more favourable buying conditions. Well-researched areas often contain hidden gems that local or less thorough investors may overlook. By doing your homework and identifying these under-the-radar locations, you can capitalise on lower property prices and potentially higher negotiation power.

Imagine finding an emerging market before it becomes the next big hotspot. Here, you're not only likely to secure properties at lower prices but also enjoy the first-mover advantage as the area grows in popularity. This strategic move can be particularly advantageous during real estate auctions or estate sales, where less competition means better deals.

Additionally, venturing into less competitive markets allows for a more relaxed decision-making process, giving you the time to thoroughly assess potential investments without the pressure of a highly competitive environment. This can lead to more calculated, informed decisions rather than rushed purchases driven by the fear of missing out, which is common in hot markets.

  1. Rental Yield Variations

Different regions offer varying rental yields, and often, stepping out of your local area can expose you to opportunities for higher returns. Rental yield is a crucial metric for real estate investors, representing the annual rental income as a percentage of the property’s value. Areas with high rental yields are typically more lucrative for property investors.

By researching and comparing the rental yields of different areas, you can identify regions where you can charge more rent relative to the property's purchase price. These areas might not always be the most glamorous or in the heart of the city, but they offer functional and economical living options that are in high demand among certain tenant demographics, such as students, young professionals, or small families.

For example, suburbs with new developments or areas near universities often have higher demands for rentals, which can drive up rents. Investing in such areas can significantly enhance your income as a landlord and help you achieve a better return on investment quicker. Additionally, well-researched areas might also offer stability in rental income with less fluctuation during economic downturns, thanks to sustained demand driven by local economic factors or inherent demographic needs.

  1. Government Incentives

One of the other key compelling reasons to consider investing outside your local area involves taking advantage of government incentives that are specific to certain regions. Various federal, state, and local government programs are designed to encourage investment in designated areas, often through tax breaks, grants, or other financial benefits. These incentives can significantly enhance the attractiveness of an investment and improve the economics of purchasing property.

For instance, some areas might be designated as 'growth zones' where the government is looking to stimulate development and economic activity. Properties in these zones might qualify for reduced stamp duty, additional tax deductions for renovations, or even grants for purchasing new properties. By broadening your search and including these areas in your investment strategy, you can leverage these incentives to reduce upfront costs and increase long-term returns.

Investing in regions with active government incentives also shows a commitment from public sectors towards growth and development, signalling a promising future for property value appreciation and economic stability. This not only helps you capitalise financially but also contributes to the broader economic development efforts, creating a positive impact on the community.


Investing in real estate is about much more than just securing a plot of land or a building; it's about seizing opportunities that promise the best returns and growth potential. While investing locally might seem convenient and safe, stepping out of your comfort zone and considering well-researched areas beyond your local sphere can significantly enhance the performance of your investment portfolio.

From diversifying your investments and accessing higher potential for appreciation to leveraging government incentives and expanding your professional network, each of these eight reasons underscores the benefits of looking beyond the familiar. Real estate is a dynamic field, and by embracing a broader perspective, you can maximise your chances of success.

As you consider your next investment, remember that thorough research and a strategic approach to selecting your investment location are key. Don’t hesitate to consult with experts, utilise analytical tools, and immerse yourself in the data and trends of potential investment areas. The world of real estate offers vast opportunities, and with a well-planned strategy, you can find success in markets both near and far.

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